Who started a movement of free education 150 years ago in a small town "Deoband" in U.P. India.
His idea became a phenomena . His vision became a school of thought . His name is a Legend.
Students who graduate from Deoband , write " QASMI " in his honor.
Today around the globe about 200,000 people with their surname as "QASMI" are a big family with a resolve to
continue the mission of the visionary,
( Molana ) MOHAMMAD QASIM ( Nanautavi )

  • www.qasmi.in is a beginning to create group of people who write Qasmi. People with their own set of skills, in the form of
    education, management, medical, and financial capability. “Qasmi” works as a group of people who want to help. Each other ,
    and the society. In true spirit of MOHAMMAD QASIM.
  • A secular, apolitical, non-profit organization.
  • “Qasmi” is an open organization to connect where QASMIS can join in with any of the skills.
  • “Qasmi” is a system willing to guide to those who wish to help but don’t know how.
  • “Qasmi” is a link between underprivileged and those who can support.

To become a part of this movement. pl write to qasmi@qasmi.in